Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bleeding Ink Comics Needs YOUR Help

OK, see that bad-ass pic? That's by a guy named Jesse Grillo with Bleeding Ink Comics. I believe in his work so much I "liked" his Facebook page, put a link to it on this blog and chipped in $100 to his Kickstarter so he can continue to put out some of this amazing work.

It's obvious to me that he has talent and he has the drive. This could be the next Jim Lee or Alan Moore or John Byrne, but he needs help. YOUR help. Plus, you seriously need to take a look at some of the stuff he's offering as incentives for donations. You can be a character in his books. Hell, for $3,000 (the amount he's trying to raise) he will tattoo ANYTHING on his body. Your face, your company's logo. ANYTHING. That is dedication to the craft.

Go to his Facebook page, check out his art and then click on the Kickstarter link I highlighted above and see what he's about. The world is a better place when creative people are in it and I believe, as a comics fan, he could be something special.

Check him out. Do it.

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