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BOOK REVIEW: Thieves' Quarry by DB Jackson

I've always said I would never provide a negative review for a book. There's enough negative and bad vibes in the world without me being cynical and overly critical regarding someone's book. The latest book I review for LitStack took that conundrum completely out of my hands by being awesome. Thieves' Quarry by DB Jackson is easily one of the best books I've read in quite awhile. Check out my review HERE and then go buy the book.  

BOOK REVIEW: The Best of Punk Magazine

I do some stuff for a neat website called LitStack. I haven't done a ton lately because I've been in a funk and haven't written much. I was assigned this review a LONG time ago and I felt really bad because they actually gave me a review copy of this beautiful hardcover coffee table book. I justify missing the deadline by four months because it's the punk ethos. In reality, a hard-fought battle with depression and laziness is the actual cause. Either way, I finally got it done and I'm going to tell you now--it's fucking awesome. If you're a fan of the punk scene in NYC in the 70s, just buy it. But read my review anyway.

BOOK REVIEW: The New Hunger by Isaac Marion

The No. 1 movie in the land this past weekend was Warm Bodies, the story of a self-aware zombie who falls in love with a human girl. Over at LitStack, I reviewed the prequel to the Isaac Marion novel that inspired the well-received movie. To check out my thoughts on his novella, The New Hunger, click HERE.

BOOK REVIEW: Patriot No. 1 by Jesse Grillo and Bleeding Ink Productions

To paraphrase Bruce Wayne's praise of Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, I believe in Jesse Grillo. I believe enough in the work I have seen from him and his comic book production company, Bleeding Ink Productions, that I helped fund Patriot, a four-issue miniseries he marketed on Kickstarter. Obviously, since I was funding a product that had not been completed, I was going on Grillo's past work and the premise of Patriot.

I was not disappointed with the results.


BOOK REVIEW: I Am Not a Serial Killer

If you combine Encyclopedia Brown and Dexter, you get John Wayne Cleaver, the protagonist(?) of Dan Wells' debut novel I Am Not a Serial Killer.

This is another in my line of "I know it's an older book, but if I haven't read it, it's new to me" book reviews. I was introduced to Wells this past summer on the Dark Days Tour as he was promoting Partials with fellow authors Veronica Roth, Aprilynne Pike, and SJ Kincaid. The Partials series falls more in the Young Adult genre and the next book in the trilogy, Fragments, is scheduled for release in Februrary of next year.


BOOK REVIEW: Highway to Hell

You know those stories about the zombie apocalypse where there's some humor and features a couple of zombies you almost feel sorry for or think are cute?

Yeah. This ain't that. 

Highway to Hell is a 74-page novella written by extreme horror writer Armand Rosamilia. Yes, I know it was published nearly two years ago, but I'm just now getting around to writing about it, so it's new to me.


BOOK REVIEW: Blackbirds

I stumbled upon Chuck Wendig about a year ago when I literally StumbleUpon'ed his website/blog Terrible Minds. It was a very short story that was very, very good and from that moment, his blog has been a regular stop for me. I've purchased and read his numerous ways on how to be a better writer, I've participated in his flash fiction challenges, and I've found great wisdom via his Twitter account.


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