Is That You, Lemmy?

Eric missed Lemmy.

It wasn’t the kind of longing one feels for an old friend he hasn’t seen in many a moon, or the type of heartfelt sadness a person carries with them after a lover has decided to call it a day. It was the feeling of loss that comes when you honestly have never thought of that person being gone forever and, suddenly, they are.

Grandma Shirley

“Where is it?”


“The body. Where is it?”

Tim looked up from the computer screen at his second cousin and longtime co-worker Tony. The pair had worked at the town’s only morgue since they were teenagers, Tim moving up to the rank of mortician and Tony happy to continue doing the behind-the-scenes grunt work. He had never been one for dealing with the public and if it made Tim happy to wear a suit and tie every day, good for him.


Another Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge

Chuck Wendig has once again put out a great Flash Fiction challenge at Terrible Minds. This week is combining those terrible spam e-mails written by someone who understands English as a third or fourth language with a horror-based theme.


Tale of a Racist Fish

Another one of those great Chuck Wendig flash fiction challenges over at Terrible Minds. Last week, the challenge was to write a very simple but very powerful single sentence. This week, the challenge was to pick one of those sentences and create a story around it. The sentence I chose, from someone named Noel who didn't link to his website, is the first line of this story.


A Mother's Love

Another Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge by Chuck Wendig. One thousand words. Here we go.


The Tale of Nipple Clamps

Another of Chuck Wendig's Terrible Mind Flash Fiction challenges. This time, we were to visit this page of unexplainable stock photos, pick a random pic, and write a thousand words about it. The pic above is what I got. The words below form the story I wrote.


In Too Deep: The Finale

A couple weeks ago, I took part in a Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge where, every week, a different writer would contribute 200 words to a 1,000-word story. The piece I added to, In Too Deep, was completed by Jim Franklin, the man who kicked it off. Overall, it's a pretty sweet piece of writing. If you want to take a look at the finished product, click HERE.

Dream World: A Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge

Chuck Wendig laid out his weekly flash fiction challenge from Terrible Minds: Subgenre Frankenstein. The writer is to randomly pick two of the 20 literary genres he provided and drop 1,500 words on it. My two were Low Fantasy/"Grimdark" and Fairy Tale. This may be the most disturbing piece I've ever written.



“Jesus jumped-up Christ, Tommy! What the fuck?”

David wiped water from his face, looking down at the shattered remains of a hand mirror on the floor. The Gazette's lead political writer had come into the break room to use the sink in order to clean said mirror. It was filthy and seemed to have something scratched into the glass.


Stab the Scorpion

Bob was getting twitchy.

The dumbass was late. Bob hated late. Late meant sloppy. Late meant the possibility of no longer being above ground.


Bob's Ghost

The moment he entered his home, Bob knew the ghost was gone.

Over the past four weeks, the ghost had always welcomed Bob home, whether in the evening when he came from work or Saturday afternoons when he returned from his weekly visit to his Mother’s or Sunday mornings after church. The ghost was a voice Bob had grown accustomed to hearing and now that it was gone, Bob was saddened and confused.


One More For My Baby and One More For the Road to Hell

“Top that off?”
Mary lifted her glass as John sauntered to her casually to refill it. She watched as the remainder of the Chateau Pavie emptied from the bottle. “Looks like we’ll have to open another, dear. I believe this one has given its all for the cause.”

I'm Going to Kill Frank Leonard

I’m going to kill Frank Leonard.
It sounds harsh, I know, but there is cause. This won’t be pre-meditated murder. Oh no, sir. This is a case of justice being meted out. I’m going to kill Frank Leonard and anyone else who gets in my way.

Fly Away

“Hey. Tony.”
“Yeah, Frank.”
“I’m floating.”
“Huh. So you are.”

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