Monday, April 2, 2018

I Gave Up Political Posting for Lent

I went the entirety of Lent without posting or sharing a single political comment on any social media platform. It was an interesting experiment, especially considering the first day of Lent was marked by the Parkland shooting and pretty much continued to go downhill. 

I learned a lot and have decided to, for the most part, continue that trend. You don't need me to know the world sucks right now and if you didn't know that, you need a lot more than my re-post of an Atlantic article about the President. We're good people. All of us. Alright, most of us. 

Why don't we act the way on social the way we act when we're talking to someone in real life? At this point, if you're still a friend of mine, I like you & you obviously like me. Or you have me blocked on Facebook. Either way, let's just be nice. 


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